Passivhaus and Zero CO2 Consultancy


Passive solar design






The Passivhaus standard stipulates that buildings that comply with the standard should require a maximum of 15kWh/sqmyr heating and a total maximum primary energy of 120kWh/sqmyr, while providing a comfortable environment.

Having reduced the energy requirements to their minimum by designing the building fabric appropriately, the energy required to run the building can then more realistically be generated by renewable energy sources.

This approach can result in a zero CO2 building in respect of operating energy.

Following our experience of researching, designing and building two Passivhaus standard flats and one zero CO2 flat we can now advise clients and designers on how to achieve both standards. In particular we can advise on:

  • passive design strategies
  • building fabric design
  • energy modelling for Passivhaus compliance
  • Passivhaus compliant building systems and suppliers
  • renewable energy sources
  • construction on site


Insulated building fabric






Airtight construction



Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery


Renewable energy sources