Publications - conference and journal publications

Selected publications:

Designing buildings to close the material resource loop
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Engineering Sustainability 157 Issue ES3, September 2004 (ISSN 1478 4637)


Study of current building methods and products that enable dismantling and their classification according to their ability to be reused, recycled or downcycled.

International Conference for Sustainable Building 2002, Oslo Sep 2002.
Results from research were included in
Addis and Schouten, Principles of design for deconstruction to facilitate reuse and recycling CIRIA Publication C607, 2004, (ISBN 0-86017-607-X) and in the Sustainable Building: Independent Journal on Building and the Environment, Issue 04, 2002.


Summary of study on the suitability for designing for recycling and designing for durability
International Conference Sustainable Building 2000, Maastricht, Oct 2000


Professional responsibility: sustainability, ethics and architectural practice
Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management Conference, 28-29 June 2004, University of Nottingham, ERP Environment (ISBN 1 872677 495)